Next Training dates will be in January 2020!

Through the 40-hour training program that Center for Domestic Peace offers, volunteers learn practical, hands-on skills in peer counseling, crisis intervention, assessment, and advocacy for women.

  • This training incorporates the most recent research and thinking in the field, and includes such topics as: history of the battered women’s movement, analysis of patriarchy, other popular DV theories, why women stay, techniques for stopping violence, and leadership for creating intentional communities of safety and justice.
  • Volunteers completing Center for Domestic Peace’s 40-hour training program become State of California Certified Domestic Violence Counselors, as defined by the Office of Justice Planning and mandated by Evidence Code 1037.1(a).

Our next training dates are in 2020: 9am – 5pm

Tuesday, January 28
Thursday January 30
Tuesday, February 4
Thursday, February 6
Saturday, February 8

Please contact us at 415.457.2464 if you have questions.