Center for Domestic Peace (C4DP) is proud to partner with AMA and share the important work of who we are and what we do.

C4DP leads a comprehensive community effort to end the #1 violent crime in Marin County: domestic violence. We provide transformational services and programs that protect and enhance victim safety, hold those who abuse accountable, and ultimately engage our community in permanent change.

C4DP holds the vision of a world in which domestic violence, abuse, and intimidation is replaced with domestic peace.  To that end:

  • We believe that all women, youth, children, and men who are abused and at risk of abuse have a right to immediate and long-term safety.
  • We strive to create greater safety, justice, and equality for all by building awareness and action toward changing the social norms that promote or enforce violence against women.
  • We seek to make domestic violence a major community concern among all residents and social institutions (schools, hospitals, police departments, etc.).
  • We believe that change results from the action-oriented participation of large numbers of people, organizations, and institutions, inclusive of survivors.
  • We see intergenerational leadership as essential in our multigenerational task of ending domestic violence and violence against women and girls.

Your support is needed to sustain our efforts in transforming lives and ending domestic violence. Please donate today!

Here is what your money can buy:

$50    – 1 large box of diapers for a child in our emergency shelter
$100  – 1 bed night of emergency shelter for a mom and child
$135  – 2 nights of Second Step transitional housing and support services
$250  – 2 months of online classes for a ManKind participant to end his violence
$500  – 5 sessions of telephone therapy and support for a survivor
$1000 –10 sessions of legal advocacy support in increase survivor safety outcomes