40-Hour Domestic Violence Training: Become a Certified Domestic Violence Advocate

Through the 40-hour training program that Center for Domestic Peace offers, training attendees learn practical, hands-on skills that will enable them to:

1. Describe the problem of domestic violence and discover solutions.
2. Assist survivors and abusers seeking to free themselves from domestic violence.
3. Understand the barriers that survivors face when trying to get help.
4. Understand how culture shapes each individual’s experience.
5. Imagine and participate in transforming society’s norms from domestic violence to healthy and equal relating.

Our next scheduled 40-Hour Domestic Violence Advocate Training Dates:

January 2023:
DAY 1: Wednesday, Jan 18th- (8 hours)
DAY 2: Friday, Jan 20th- (4 hours)
DAY 3: Tuesday, Jan 24th- (4 hours 15 min)
DAY 4: Thursday, Jan 26th- (6+2 hours homework)
DAY 5: Monday, Jan 30th-(3 hours 15 min)
DAY 6: Wednesday, Feb 1st (4 hours 30 min)
DAY 7: Friday, Feb 3rd (8 hours)

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40 Hour Training Center for Domestic Peace- Jan 2023

If you have questions, please email Jackie Palacios, Learning and Training Manager: [email protected]