Become A Changemaker for Yourself and Your Community!

It’s almost summertime and the approach of our next state approved domestic violence advocate training is here. This is often a good time, in fact, the only time for many to complete the 40-hour training which takes place over a two-week period. If this is something you’ve wanted to do professionally or personally, now is the time. The certification training only happens twice per year. (The one after this won’t be until January 2025).

Training attendees learn practical, hands-on skills. We cover:

  1. The history of the Battered Women’s Justice Movement
  2. The intersectionality with other social justice movements
  3. Why victims stay
  4. How to help survivors and their children
  5. Hope for abusers and more.

We dive deep into analyzing the oppressive patriarchal forces that still drive dating and domestic violence into our lives. Best of all, it’s a joyous and hopeful approach during which new friendships and alliances form almost overnight.

The training is virtual and will run from July 17th-July 31st.