Letter from Donna Garske, Executive Director:

Dear Friends,

Like so many others, I’m filled with emotions and thoughts about the state of our world. We may be facing a “tipping point” with the convergence of a global pandemic, an increase in domestic violence, economic instability, and the urgent need for change to eliminate racial injustice.

When my mind settles and I am centered, I’m reminded of what it means to “be of service” at this moment in time. I’m reminded that we all have something to contribute to the healing of our world. It brings me to what it means, in a very concrete way, to be of service in support of Center for Domestic Peace (C4DP).

We know that domestic violence unevenly impacts women and that most women in abusive relationships are enduring increased hardships during sheltering-in-place. We also know that women are subject to greater poverty and lower working wages. And we know that women of color experience domestic violence, poverty, and COVID-19 at disproportionately higher rates.

That’s why our work as advocates for justice, equality, and freedom from violence at Center for Domestic Peace matters now more than ever. Our work, at its most aspirational level, is teaching individuals what it means to be, and to treat others as, human, deserving of safety, respect, dignity, and justice.

If this moment of history is a “tipping point,” my hope is that it will truly be transformational, leading to a world of greater kindness, respect, and equity for all. And that from this place, the services of C4DP will cease to be needed.

Until that day, C4DP’s work will continue. To ensure shelter beds are available, 24/7 hotline services continue, legal advocacy is provided, and so much more, I invite you “to be of service” now by giving today!

As an act of kindness, a C4DP supporter has stepped up to help us reach our $50K goal by June 30 by offering a $25K match grant.

That means if you give before June 30, you can double the impact of you contribution!

For in the end, the best way I know how to change the world is by putting a vision for social transformation into daily action. Please join me in doing just that by supporting Center for Domestic Peace with a donation today. Click Here!

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Find Your Reason and Give Today!

Yours Toward a Safe and Just World for All!

Donna Garske,
Executive Director

P.S. The CARES Act, recently passed by the federal government to stimulate the economy, includes an important but small detail that is buried in the fine print.

It provides that everyone who files taxes [and doesn’t itemize] can donate up to $300 to a charity of their choice before taxes!