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Center for Domestic Peace mobilizes individuals and communities to transform our world so domestic violence no longer exists, creating greater safety, justice and equality.

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Center for Domestic Peace is committed to equal opportunity and equal consideration without regard to race, religion, ancestry, national origin, sexual orientation, color, creed, gender, age, sizes, disability or any other protected class. You are welcome here.

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As part our 40th anniversary celebration and activities, we created an inspiring video, Journey, which documents the milestones, rich history, and people who have worked towards ending domestic violence in Marin and beyond. It was featured at our anniversary party at Terrapin Crossroads with more than 200 of our supporters in attendance.

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At Center for Domestic Peace (C4DP), the health and well-being of our service users and staff are at the top of our minds amid concerns about the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). We know from previous national disasters, and from what China has reported, that otherwise protective strategies such as ‘social distancing’ and being confined to one’s home have the potential to put domestic violence victims at greater risk, due to the isolation this creates. We know that isolation leads to greater danger for victims. Coupled with the financial impact from COVID-19, domestic violence victims may now face significant increased barriers preventing them from seeking help, or from finding shelter or other alternatives to their current living situation.
Help us end domestic violence now and forever by joining our family of donors. Your financial support is an act of generosity and compassion for the women, children, and men who benefit from our services. We are grateful to each and every one of you who is able to support our work by making a contribution.

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