Statement of Purpose

Center for Domestic Peace mobilizes individuals and communities to transform our world so domestic violence no longer exists, creating greater safety, justice and equality.

We provide transformational services and programs that protect and enhance victim safety, and ultimately engage our community in permanent change.

Center for Domestic Peace is committed to equal opportunity and equal consideration without regard to race, religion, ancestry, national origin, sexual orientation, color, creed, gender, age, sizes, disability or any other protected class. You are welcome here.


Aspirational and Visionary. We believe in the potential of each person and each community to be free of relationship violence and coercion. Toward that end, we lead the way toward systemic change with innovation and resiliency.

Survivor-Focused and Feminist Movement-Based. We prioritize the experiences of survivors while building our community-based work and collaborating to make lasting social, systemic, and institutional change.

Equity. Economic and racial justice are key aspects of our work to end violence. We model and advocate for diversity and inclusion, recognizing that they are central to achieving equity.

Relationship-Based. We lead with connection, inclusivity, and generosity while also being willing to have courageous conversations.

Responsive and Strategic. We are adaptable and nimble, including in unprecedented times. We are constantly learning and use data to guide our decisions.