Champion Men’s Zone Program

Healthy Masculinity Conversations!


Bring your courage, leadership skills, strength, and creative ideas! Become a school leader on healthy masculinity with campus conversations and an advocate for equality and community change! You will come up with creative ways to raise awareness and getting help to those who need it!

As a member of the Champion Men’s Zone, you will:

  • Have conversations about social issues such as traditional stereotypes that narrow men into negative characteristics.
  • Challenge the media representation of masculinity.
  • Learn to design and create campaign strategies to raise awareness about healthy masculinity and gender equality.
  • Work together with friends.
  • Be trained on domestic violence and dating abuse so that you can help friends and family who are unsure if they are in unhealthy relationships and how to help.
  • Increase access at your school to services for friends and students that are dealing with dating abuse.

Be part of something greater than yourself by acting as a Community Champion in Marin County. This is a nation-wide movement to improve the way boys and young men are involved with community activism and gender equality.

  • Meet weekly for 1 hour and commit 2 hours to work on possible projects outside of meetings during campaigns.
  • Receive community service and internship hours for your time while gaining valuable experience to put on your resume.
  • Have the opportunity to get a letter of recommendation for college applications after a 1-year of commitment.

Anyone between the ages of 13 and 24 is welcome to apply!

We are currently expanding this program to many locations here in Marin. Contact us for more information.

Click here for the application online

Contact Information:

Program Coordinator: Jonathan Deras
Email: [email protected]                     Office: (415) 526-2536

Watch a video from one of our members on why he joined CMZ!

Watch a video by Jackson Katz about the role of men in ending gender violence

Looking for information about our work with teens and young adults?

  • Contact Marin Youth Services for help and support. Click here!
  • Contact Marin Against Youth Abuse Committee for our work in the schools and more prevention activities.  Click here!

We also have a link on our website for how men are allies in ending domestic violence. Click here for that resource.