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  • Yes, I am in Danger Now!
  • I’m Not Sure About Calling the Police...
  • Other Agencies That Can Help You.

1. Yes, I am in Danger!

  1. If you believe you are in danger, please call 911 now.
  2. Click here to assess how dangerous your situation is.
  3. Call our hotline right now, 24/7 to talk to an advocate:
    • 415-924-6616 (24-hour hotline / Línea directa las 24 horas:)
    • 415-457-6760 ManKind Program
    • 415-526-2552 WomanKind Program
  4. Click here to see helpful information when calling the police.

2. I’m Not Sure About Calling the Police.

  1. See how safe you are by answering these few questions.
  2. You Have Thought about Calling the Police but… click here

3. Other Agencies That Can Help You

  1. District Attorney’s Office (DA) and Victim/Witness Assistance
    • 415-73-6450
    • After the police write the report, the District Attorney’s office decides whether to file formal charges against your partner. If the District Attorney decides not to file charges against the abuser, this is usually the end of the criminal case. If the District Attorney does file charges, you can find out more details about the case by calling the DA’s office or asking a C4DP advocate to call for you. In addition, the State of California has funds to help crime victims by paying for counseling, medical expenses, emergency needs related to the crime, and for wages you may have lost because of the crime. Ask your police department or domestic violence hotline counselor for more details.
  2. Community Violence Solutions (Rape Crisis Center)
    • 1-800-670-7273
    • Although sexual abuse and rape are common among people facing domestic violence, many find it very difficult to talk about this aspect of abuse. You may feel more comfortable talking to an advocate who deals specifically with sexual assault. Rape crisis centers have confidential 24-hour crisis lines, support groups, advocates, and other services. Any exam or treatment you can receive because of reporting sexual assault if free of charge.
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*Immigrants in the United States have the right to live life free of domestic violence and abuse*

In these uncertain times for immigrant families, Center for Domestic Peace (C4DP) wants you to know that we will adhere to our core organizational values. We are committed to providing emergency shelter, support groups, hotline access and all of our services for domestic violence survivors and their children, regardless of immigration status.  All of our services are 100% voluntary and 100% confidential/anonymous. We will not ask you for your immigration status, or for a social security number. Rest assured that any information you wish to disclose to us will be kept in the utmost confidentiality.