Strategies to Address Abuse in our Community: Take Action


  1. DV Is Not OK! Say it loud and say it everywhere! Make the pledge to be non-violent: Personal Peace Agreement 2021
  2. Contact your legislator to protect American families by strengthening our nation’s gun regulations – close gun show sales loopholes, institute more rigorous background checks and lift restrictions on research on gun violence. (Having a gun in a DV situation increases the woman’s risk of dying by 500%!)
  3. Join the Center for Domestic Peace Community on Facebook for weekly updates.
  4. Be creative. Be outrageous. Be persistent, direct, and determined. Believe you can make a difference in creating a violence free world right now! Download ACT NOW flyer here!.pdf
  5. Insist that schools have policies that prohibit bullying behaviors. Visit to learn what you can do!
  6. Volunteer for Center for Domestic Peace.
  7. Donate to Center for Domestic Peace to support our work of ending  domestic violence – one individual, one family, one community at a time.
  8. See what MEN are doing to support the movement!

Here are a few other links you might find useful:

Take A Stand for Healthy Relationships is an exciting new program from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) and Discovery Education that teaches students how to understand and build healthy relationships. New standards-aligned curriculum will encourage important skills in communication and self-awareness.