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Frequently Asked Questions About Center for Domestic Peace

How prevalent is the problem of domestic violence within Marin?2018-08-20T21:37:30+00:00

As the Marin County Grand Jury’s 2010 report on domestic violence noted, domestic violence has been Marin County’s number one violent crime for more than 20 years.  In 2011, the District Attorney’s Office received 843 domestic violence cases from law enforcement. According to the National Violence Against Women Survey, only 25% of all physical assaults are reported.  This could mean there are as many as 3,372 incidents of physical assaults from domestic violence in Marin each year.
Each incident of nonfatal domestic violence costs $27,362 per U.S. female victim, including costs related to productivity, medical and mental health care, police and fire service, social/victim services, and property damage.  Applying this estimate, domestic violence could cost Marin more than $92 million each year.

How many staff work at Center for Domestic Peace?2018-08-20T21:35:52+00:00

22 staff (18 full-time and 4 part-time), and nearly 100 volunteers (46 direct service)

What is Center for Domestic Peace’s budget?2019-08-07T21:11:44+00:00

$3,715,436 for FY 2017-18

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