We are sharing this great campaign for September “Ask. Listen. Connect.” for suicide prevention month. Note C4DP is participating in two of the events listed below.

Research has shown that having open conversations about suicide does not lead to increased risk; in fact, it can reduce anxiety, alleviate suffering, and potentially save lives. This September, Marin County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services (BHRS) is proud to unveil the “Ask. Listen. Connect.” campaign, a powerful initiative launched during Suicide Prevention month. The campaign’s core objective is to encourage every individual to engage in candid, direct discussions about suicide, extend a listening ear to those in pain, and connect them to essential resources.

Addressing the sensitive topic of suicide requires collective effort and empathy, and there are actionable steps each of us can take to prevent it.

“You don’t have to be an expert to make a difference,” affirms Kara Connors, Senior Program Coordinator for Suicide Prevention. “Creating a community of acceptance and support involves talking openly about suicide with compassion. It might feel daunting, but it’s a conversation worth having. Simply asking questions like ‘Are you feeling like you’ve lost hope? Are you thinking about suicide?’ can be a profound way to extend a lifeline to someone who may be hesitant to seek help. Connecting them to resources or dialing 988 together can truly be a lifesaving intervention.”

Throughout September, a series of special events will be offered to Marin residents to bolster skills and foster connections in line with the campaign’s goals. The events are scheduled as follows:

For more details about these events and the BHRS Suicide Prevention program, visit prevention.marinbhrs.org/suicide-prevention.