Dear Supporters,

As we write this newsletter, there is still so much uncertainty about the impact this pandemic has had on all of us both short and long term. We pause to reflect on what has kept C4DP strong and thriving during these challenging times. Your generous support strengthened our ability to respond to the drastically shifting landscape and the impact of COVID, and we are grateful to you for standing beside C4DP.

We had to fast-forward our technical advances, accelerate our training, and focus on technology to respond to our staff, participants, community collaborators, and donors while also being mindful of caring for ourselves and our families. Overnight C4DP’s 55-person workforce began pivoting to new ways of working, both remotely and with reduced direct contact with the shelter and transitional housing residents. These changes required coordination with multiple systems and institutions also undergoing their own rapid change process. We paid particular attention to the increased risk and vulnerabilities victims faced being trapped in their homes with their abuser.

These trying times also strengthened C4DP’s commitment to stand up to economic and racial injustice, which the pandemic revealed in undeniable terms. C4DP draws strength and clarity from our operating principles in understanding that racial, economic, and gender inequities exist and are foundational in addressing domestic violence. These principles also establish the imperative that we continue to deepen our work as individuals and as an organization to address equity issues and promote inclusion.

These accomplishments coupled with the dedication and expertise of the C4DP staff fueled our ability to successfully deal with a pandemic while responding to the more complex needs of domestic violence victims. Building stronger relationships, program operations, technology capacity, and new systems for communication, sharing, and learning have been blessings in disguise.

It takes courage to manage everything C4DP has faced and all that we have collectively endured over the past 18 months. Innovation, ingenuity, passion, and drive helped fuel our success and organizational well-being. Thank you for standing with us and the needs of survivors as we continue to transform the world, one individual, one family, one community at a time. We sincerely appreciate your ongoing support.

Cynthia Murray

With gratitude,


Cynthia Murray
Board Chair