Did you know, C4DP has a series of English and Spanish videos and audio recordings on our website to help survivors learn about domestic violence? Our volunteers created these as an easy way to get this important information out. And we know, they are already helping people!

Click here for the videos!

Download the Flyer Here! Your Voice, My Voice Tu Voz, Mi Voz

After watching one of the videos, Sarah realized that the types of abuse she was experiencing were actually a crime. She knew the verbal and physical abuse was bad, but didn’t know the sexual violence she experienced was something she should talk about. The videos helped her identify this abuse and she filed a restraining order and police report explaining the latest sexual assault which had happened 2 days prior to watching these. The district attorney pressed charges and is now processing the case.

One of our advocates shared this story:

I shared the videos with one survivor, as she was experiencing verbal abuse, threats, coercive control, and gaslighting. She mentioned the abuser wanted to go to couples counseling with her and she was very much on the fence about it. He spent a lot of time trying to convince her to get back with him, and would threaten to kill himself if she did not. I encouraged her to watch the video on the Dangers of Couples Counseling and the next time we spoke she had watched it. She was much more assured in her stance that she did not want to be with him, that she did not want to participate in couples counseling, and had a greater understanding of why it is not safe. While she certainly asserted these boundaries on her own behalf, the Tu Voz Mi Voz video helped develop her understanding of types of abuse, her boundaries, and the dangers of couples counseling.

Please share these videos so we can help others! Here is the link to the website: https://centerfordomesticpeace.org/tuvozmivoz/